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Loft conversions are essential to increase the value of your property. Adding a bedroom, a gym, an office or a main suite can also be one of the reasons for making that extra space. Moreover, a loft conversion is the most affordable way to gain the needed space compared to a basement extension or addition. Whether the roof needs an extension to gain greater headroom or breathing area, getting the best loft conversions West London has never been easier and hassle-free. Sync up with OBS Facilities and get your loft conversion in West London done right.

How to Get the Best Loft Conversion in West London?

So Before embarking on loft conversions in West London, some factors or prerequisites need to be fulfilled. Firstly, the type of roof needs to be understood. Is the roof a trussed roof or a traditional roof? Also, is the roof height above a certain threshold to facilitate a loft conversion? Is the loft spacious enough to be transformed into a usable room? With our experienced and talented loft conversion specialists in West London, these prerequisites will be thoroughly evaluated, and a thoughtful suggestion will be provided on whether you can get a loft conversion.

Let's Talk About Your Project

Let's Talk About Your Project

Types of Loft Conversions in West London, We Provide

So, if you have made it thus far, meaning that your house is compatible with a loft conversion and fulfils all necessary prerequisites, then you may need to consider the types of loft conversions that we offer and, more importantly, loft conversions cost in West London.

Generally, there are three types of loft conversions: Internal loft conversion, Dormer loft conversions, and Full roof removal and rebuild loft conversion. All three loft conversions have different costs: a full roof removal and rebuilding is the costliest, while the internal transformation is the least expensive. An internal conversion doesn’t involve changing the roof’s structure, while the dormer and the full roof removal do. So, the cost varies accordingly.

Get the Most Affordable Internal Loft Conversion

Going for an internal loft conversion is the most suitable route if you are looking for the most affordable and budget-friendly option when budget-friendly of transformation. At OBS Facilities, we provide the best loft conversions in West London and are especially known for our Internal Loft Conversions. This conversion doesn’t involve any structural changes to your home. Instead, we focus on the internal fixtures of the household and the transformation of the existing loft space. Floor panelling and strengthening, window set up-gradation and insulation are key in this type of conversion. So, the internal loft conversions cost in West London are the cheapest option.

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The Loft Extension in West London: Dormer Loft Conversions

The Dormer Conversion is in the middle of a full rebuild and internal conversions. The existing roof structure is modified slightly to accommodate dormer windows to either the side of the roof or to the front and ends of the top. The installation of these dormer windows protrudes out of the roof structure, giving increased headroom and extra space to the loft.

The Best Roof Removal and Rebuild

If you require your roof to be completely removed and rebuilt from the ground up and you have the budget for it, then put your trust in our loft conversion specialists in West London. Our team comprises of the best of the best to cater to all your requirements and desires. A full rebuild costs more than the internal and dormer conversions due to a greater extent of material used and labour costs incurred. The rebuild can undergo some time, so you’ll be left with either no roof or part of your roof removed. However, the rebuild is the best out of all conversions as it provides the maximum space and high property value.

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Why Choose Us for Your Loft Conversions?

OBS Facilities is the leading loft conversion company in West London. We revel in the belief that our loft conversions are of the highest quality, premium grade. Our top-of-the-line professionals bring about the ultimate loft conversions to satisfy your needs. With us, you are banking on years of experience, steady and diligent hands, and a focused approach to converting your loft into a livable space that you can cherish and be proud of.