The commercial kitchen is way more complex than your regular kitchen. The proper installation, operation, and testing are needed to be done in order to make it fully functional.

We have been providing commercial catering kitchen installation service for 26 years successfully in West London, Ealing, Hanwell, Harrow, Kingston, Wembley, and Middlesex. You can rely on our experts to cover all your equipment needs such as installing interlocks, canopies while working side by side with your team to understand your vision.

Let's Talk About Your Project

Let's Talk About Your Project

Your Satisfaction Is Our Responsibility

If you have any plan, feel free to get it reviewed by us, we will make fitting recommendations for your kitchen based on your goals and budget. Our team of professionals will install and test all the equipment you need for your business while training your staff to ensure the efficient and proper operation of the equipment.

We Work With Guarantee

Like other equipment, each piece of your kitchen requires proper maintenance. This is where we stand apart from our counterparts. We go the extra mile to ensure your safety and make sure your equipment runs efficiently throughout the year.

We generally provide 6 years of guarantee period but it broadly depends on the brand and the quality of equipment you are affording. But our years of experience say, if the equipment is maintained properly it can easily outlast its guarantee period. Our yearly testing makes sure the kitchen equipment deliver the best value and return on your investment.

Take our free consultation service and let us share valuable insights from our many years of experience.

Let's Talk About Your Project