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With the advancements in house structures, a loft conversion is a new modification. A loft conversions in North London utilises the space beneath the roof and transforms it into rooms. Doesn’t it sound interesting? However, the more innovative it is, the more technical. It requires professional support so the space can be used wisely with a better outlook.

Reasons Why You should Opt for Loft Conversion in North London

Houses in North London have gable roofs corresponding to the weather. The area under the ceiling is mostly spare. OBS Service in North London shows its experts’ magic and converts it into the best spot. Some of the reasons why you should opt for loft conversions North London are as follows:

Let's Talk About Your Project

Let's Talk About Your Project

More Space to Breathe

Loft conversion North London creates an extra room in the existing house. This is used as a bedroom, guest room, a small office or aesthetic sitting area. It is similar to constructing a new floor within the cabin, which automatically increases the space. After loft conversion, your house can manage large get-togethers and home meet-ups.

Refreshing View

The work-life of London is quite tough, requiring huge commitment and working hours. Therefore, when you come home after a hectic day, you look for comfort, peace and relaxation. One very easy way to achieve this peace is converting your loft. The lofts usually provide a very refreshing view from the top. If the room is set with a perfect couch, chairs, carpets etc., they add to the picture and have a soothing effect on you. Most of our clients call this ‘therapy room.’

Feasible than Moving House              

There is a question for you. Is it easy to construct a home or a floor that does not even require permission from the government body? The most common reason for shifting houses is the lack of space, which requires planning on a large scale. However, loft construction allows you to increase the same house’s capacity, and this reduces the number of expenses and formalities.

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Adds 20% Value to your Home

It is researched well that loft conversions in North London increases property value, and houses with their loft converted are 20% more valuable. In future, if you wish to sell your house, it will be more valued than normal homes. It is one of the best investing techniques because the tenants are always looking for homes which stand out.   

Resources Conserving        

Lofts usually consist of large windows. These windows provide an ample amount of sunlight in the daytime. Secondly, they are insulated well when they are built, making the room cosy in the winter. This reduces the electricity usage in terms of lights and heaters. Moreover, loft conversions North London conserves resources such as your time, money and energy, which you will invest in buying a bigger house.

Gateway to a Variety of Designs      

OBS Services is a local loft conversion company North London that provides you with various loft designs. We make them with such perfection that the space reflects an airy and spacious room. There are three main types of conversions. The first is dormer conversion, which includes a slight roof extension that straightens the room’s shape. The second is Velux conversion; as the name suggests, it uses Velux windows, and the size is relatively bigger. The third is the hip to gable conversion, which has an extended roof slope. The extension makes the room straight and ample. The best part of the variation is that we provide each one with full skill and advancement.

Why are We the Right Choice for Hiring Loft Conversion Contractors?

We claim with full confidence that you should expect the best results when you hire us for this contract. We have a highly skilled team of loft conversion builders in North London that is determined and passionate about their work. We complete our project within time and love to see our clients cheerful.   

Simple Work Policy

We have the most simplified work policy. After you contact us, we have a face-to-face meeting, and all necessary points are settled before the team comes into action. This includes visiting your house to estimate the size and cost of the loft conversions in North London. The finalised terms remain the same throughout the process, and no additional charges are claimed at the time of payment.

Trusted Company Since 1993

We have been active in the market for about 27 years and have made a good name. We are trusted by our clients and frequently referred to others, and we have recurrent clients because they enjoy the development of their house with us. Our priority is customer satisfaction which we, along with our team, never fail to achieve.

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Local Loft Conversion Contractors North London

We are a local company who knows what design is latest and best suited for your house in North London. Our loft conversion specialists North London are not only skilled in providing our services to the residential areas, but we work skillfully in commercial sites too. Over the years, our multiple projects have made us experienced and practised in our work. We are proud to say that our customers are always satisfied with our services.

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