Omniscient Building Services OBS Facilities is a company which provides full service in the design, supply, and installation of commercial kitchens to clients ranging from small cafes to large restaurants. We have unwaveringly built our reputation through continued success in all the projects we have taken so far. Our dedication and successful completion of all projectshave made us one of the leading commercial kitchen designers in Slough.

What to Expect From Us?

Our team of professional designers utilizes cutting edge modern technology to offer you Canopies, Interlocks, and Commercial Catering Kitchen Solutions in Slough. We work with you hand-in-hand from the first day till the last in order to ensure the solution we provide that fits your requirements. We discuss with you to understand your requirement better and act accordingly and make sure that we exceed your expectations.

Our project headwould always be on the spot to ensure the products specified to design your kitchen arrive within the agreed timescale. And, it is from the top manufacturer in the area so that you get the best by paying the right price.

The gas safe engineers ensure that the kitchen appliances are installed safely and effectively and at the end of the installation, we ensure that everything runs smoothly and it is to your utter satisfaction.

Let's Talk About Your Project

Let's Talk About Your Project

Communication is the Key

We believe in face to face consultation before you assign any project to us. It is the best way to fully understand your vision of how you want your kitchen to be done. Regular contact with you from consultation to completion of your project will ensure that we deliver the perfect Canopies, Interlocks, and Commercial Catering Kitchen Solutions in Slough and it will enable us to specify the correct equipment to suit your needs and budget.

We Work With Guarantee

Like other equipment, each piece of your kitchen requires proper maintenance. This is where we stand apart from our counterparts. We go the extra mile to ensure your safety and make sure your equipment runs efficiently throughout the year. We provide you the best of home or commercial kitchen solutions in Slough.

Let's Talk About Your Project

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So if you are looking for canopies, interlocks, commercial catering kitchen service provider in Slough, it is OBS Limited who can offer you the best of solutions.

We would love to discuss your commercial kitchen project in more detail and help you with our advice. We suggest that you Contact Us now and take our free consultation service today.

Let's Talk About Your Project