Radiator power flushing is a process that needs to be carried out within most domestic residencies where radiators have sludge build-up and blockage. The technology used by our plumbers to flush the central heating system is called MagnaCleanse®, which radically improves the functionality of the radiators within your home.

What is MagnaCleanse?

MagnaCleanse® is a quicker and more sufficient way of flushing radiators with longer lasting effects.

MagnaCleanse® is a breakthrough in radiator flushing, suitable for all domestic central heating systems. MagnaCleanse® is a cost efficient process which is able to remove ALL black iron oxide contamination in one pass; as well as reducing standard power flushing times by up to two-thirds, and saves up to 90% on water disposal. It has been recommended as the best practice in on-going system maintenance and protection within the plumbing industry.

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MagnaCleanse® has been developed to deliver an even more effective approach to radiator flushing, which has been proven to be a quick and easy solution for your deficient central heating system, as well as saving you money.

There are many symptoms of a deficient central heating system (often caused by the build-up of black iron oxide). Poor system performance, higher energy bills, increased carbon emissions and premature system breakdown are just a few of the tell-tale signs that your central heating system is being affected by black iron oxide. The MagnaCleanse® power flushing process is the perfect solution for getting rid of a build-up of black iron oxide, as not only does it eliminate sludge from your radiators, it also provides on-going, lifetime protection through the installation of a MagnaClean® domestic filter. The MagnaCleanse® power flushing process can be carried out in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of a stand-alone power-flush.

How long does the radiator flushing take?

The MagnaCleanse® power flushing process takes around 5-6 hours to flush your entire central heating system, depending on how much sludge has built up in your heating system, as well as how eroded your system is, and how many radiators you have around your home.

We are unique and original in our method of power flushing, we place the MagnaCleanse where the MagnaClean filter will be placed. On the other end we plant our power flushing machine. Magnificent effects are achieved through double filtration, removal of sludge debris and corrosive material.

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Let's Talk About Your Project