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What we do?

The upscale area of Kensington offers stately Victorian buildings it is considered to be one of the most affluent, sophisticated, and posh areas of London. A district of west London that lies within the royal borough of Chelsea and Kensington is a densely populated area. Similarly, people living in this area are very sophisticated and seek quality products and services. Kensington can get very cold in winter so having a central heating installation is a must.

OBS Facilities offers you one of the best heating installation Kensington services that meet all of your demands.

What is central heating installation?

A central heating system is used to heat the rooms of a building. It involves air vents and radiators connected to a central source of heating by pipes and ducts. By getting central heating installation Kensington services, you can control the building climate. Central heating engineers in Kensington install a system in your building or home that can provide warmth to the interior of the building that can extend from one room to multiple rooms.

 Central heating installation in Kensington provides you with the best services at affordable prices.

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How do we install a central heating system?

This system is the talk of the town these days. With a rising trend in homes, offices, and commercial heating, Central heating installation Kensington services only involves installing a system in the entire home with the help of a series of ducts rather than installing the system in every single room separately.

Central heating installation in Kensington heats the air that passes above the heat exchanger with the help of a gas furnace and the duct system forces the heated air. So it is a rather complex process. Because it involves central heating engineers in Kensington to install not only the duct system but also the furnace.

Where does our specialty lie?

Central heating installation Kensington services are used in cold climates to heat buildings or a group of buildings mostly commercial buildings and offices, hotels, shopping malls, and high residential areas. OBS Facilities has experience in all of the above areas and has a professional team.

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What are the benefits of a central heating system and why
should you consider installing it?

If you are still confused about whether or not you should have a central heating installation in Kensington, then consider the following advantages:

If you get a gas central heating installation, then you don’t have to worry about the noise and the fluttering newspaper from the air. It is because the radiator and underfloor heating are silent. 

Having central heating installation Kensington means having an automated heating system. It is the most convenient to use which makes it a set and forget system. Moreover, it becomes more flexible as it also offers an app-based control system.

A central heating system provides you with a moderate and even temperature throughout your home. Hence, it does not cause any allergies and is better for your respiratory system so your overall health remains in safe hands.

Moreover, this system heats the whole home evenly and it helps you to use your full home all year round

Central heating installation Kensington saves you from the trouble of installing separate heaters in all the rooms. It does not only costs more but requires a lot more energy to manage.  While on the other hand, it is energy and cost-effective to install a single system that transfers energy throughout the home more efficiently.

There are a number of heat distribution and heat sources you can choose from according to your requirements. For example, there is a water heating system and gas heating system to choose from.

Moreover, the gas central heating installation costs slightly vary from water central heating installation costs.

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