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OBS Facilities is a leading firm offering specialised architectural design services London. Our dedicated team of architects analyses your requirements thoroughly and then prepares a detailed plan to add in every necessary element to build your dream house. Our team is highly experienced in the architectural design and development field and can offer a bespoke solution for your project.

We have a rich architectural design team consisting of highly experienced structural engineers, Arb and RIBA registered architects and highly proficient architectural designers.We take each project seriously while offering high-grade architectural design services London. Wemeet our clients in person to discuss their specific requirements in the architectural design field and accordingly work on each detail to create the best designs for their dream homes and other commercial buildings.

We ensure to adhere to the appropriate building regulations and guidelines along with staying compliant to planning permissions. We aim to ensure 100% client’s satisfaction and work around the client’s budget. We always ensure to deliver architectural design services of the highest standard and also ensure to deliver our work within the timeline.

Let's Talk About Your Project

Let's Talk About Your Project

After the initial discussion on architectural design services, our design engineers conduct a thorough survey of the project site. They will take appropriate measurements of the plot with laser light and also take photographs of the site from various angles to form the basis of the project designs. We utilise this information to prepare the next-level documentation for the construction project.

In the next step, we create a detailed,step-by-step scope of work for the architectural design project. The scope of work act as a guideline to measure and analyse the progress of our work at each stage of the project. We also utilise this document as a standard so that we can stick to our delivery commitment and adhere to the timeline given to the clients.

In the initial design stage, we prepare a proposed plan with different architectural drawings, in which we showcase the elevations, plans, different sections of the structure, etc. Based on the designs at this stage, we create a cost proposal for the whole architectural design project and take approval from the client before commencing any further work.

We use high-tech 3D modelling software to create a photo-realistic rendering. The 3D renderings help us to see and howthe final structure will look when built and also give you the chance to check through your own project. These computer-generated images help you to check every aspect of the design structure and accordingly make your final decision for the project.

After securing all the required permissions, we create the building regulations drawingsshowcasing drainage plans, minimum clearances, insulation specifications, etc. These drawings act as both written and visualinstructions for the final structure and help the team adhere to the structural specifications.

At this stage of thearchitectural design services London, we make structural load calculations to ensure the sturdiness of the final structure when built. We decide on the building foundations, use of materials like iron and steel rods, timber, concrete, etc., to create a strong and efficient structure that can withstand all the natural calamities. This is the most vital step in the whole architectural design process to construct a robust structure and ensure the safety of all the people living in the building.

OBS Facilities offer transparency in the quotation for each design project. Hence, we offer you a tender document mentioning all the aspects that we bill you for. Right from the materials we use to the labour charges and all other associated expenses we highlight in this segment to keep you aware of our billables. Also, if you have any more queries, you are free to ask us anytime.

We use high-end technology to create real-life size 3D modelsfor each project. We include these in our design packages to assist you in understanding all the complex elements of each design. The 3D models will help you get a better understanding of the project and also offer you some clarity on how the final structure will look after work completion. Also, if you still have any queries, we are always happy to help you.

After the basic drawings are ready and we have your approval, we will prepare a detailed construction feasibility report. You will get a clearer understanding of all the designspecifications, which will allow you room for amendments in the design and meet your budget requirements. We do this during the design stage to save you from making on-site design changes which will incur extra costslater.

We offer a virtual reality walkthrough to our clients to give them a real-life like feel of their dream project. You will see how your dream home looks after project completion, and also let us know if you want us to make any changes in the designs or the structural elements. We will make sure that we offer you what you desire and bring a smile to your face with our work.We assist each one of our clients to get the best from our architectural design services London and ensure that they are happy with our services.

Our Office

Our design office is based in Southall, London, where all the architects, structural engineers, build estimators, skilled builders, and project managers work together as a team. We conduct an endless discussion on each new project and create the most high-end architectural designs for our clients. Right from the conception stage to production, each person who is a part of the project work relentlessly to offer the best.We always keep you in the loop about the progress of our work at each stage and ensure timely project completion.

Virtual Reality

Our virtual suite is the most significant aspect of our entire design process. It gives you the chance to see how your dream project will look like when completed. Be it getting the feel of your bedroom, kitchen, climbing up the stairs, or having a look at the garden, and you will get to see and feel it all in the design stage through virtual reality.

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Let's Talk About Your Project

Initial Consultation

Before taking up a new project, we will meet with our clients to discuss their requirements in the field of architectural design services London. We offer some of our initial thoughts on the project, the design outlines, the kind of services we can offer, the project timeline,and the cost it will incur. We also create a design feasibility report based on all the aspects we discuss at the initial stage of the project, which is free of cost.

Survey And Initial Design Stage

Once you accept our free proposal and agree to handover the project to us, we arrange a visit to the project location and take measurements of the plot. Then, we create some designs for you, giving you a couple of design options to choose from while getting a feel of how the designs will look after completion. We conduct different rounds of discussions with you to eventually enhance the design aspects and finally agree upon them. We then create the final architectural drawings and take your approval to move further with the project.

Planning Permission

After you approve the first round of outline designs, we prepare the next set of drawings and submit them to the planning authority, the planning portal account we use for design submissions. We then prepare computer graphics and relevant visuals to help you see the final outcome of the project we are working on. We also give you a timeline of each one of our developmental stages so that you can stay informed of our operational procedures.

Building Regulations Drawings

After we receive the planning approval, we will start preparing the building regulations drawings, plans, and other reports. These drawings include specifications of the materials to be used in the project, detailed information about the sizes, thickness, and other details of the construction build-ups. In the building regulations plans, we put in detailed information and all the necessary instructions on which we intend to build the project in the coming days.

Structural Calculations

Our design engineers will make thorough calculations of all the aspects to decide on the requirements of steel, concrete, timber and all other associated structural elements. We ensure to prepare all the supporting elements before commencing the actual constructional work. Also, these calculations allow us to prepare a quote with accurate pricing so that you get to know everything that is happening with the project. Also, we ensure tokeep everything transparent to avoid any confusion in the future.

Tender Process

In the tender process, our design team will prepare an estimation of the entire project by considering all the design aspects of the project. We will produce a document with a complete breakdown of the prices for all the work we will perform during construction. We will also produce an itemised pricing for all the stages of our work,along with the timeline for work completedat each stage of the process.

Contract Administration

After the selection of the contractor, our engineers will inspect the on-site work progress. We always ensure that the work is performed with the highest level of capacity and quality and also maintain the budget for your project. After the completion of your project, we will assist you in obtaining the project completion certificate from the local authority and live happily in your dream home.

Get in touch with us to discuss your next project and let us help you with professional architectural design services London.

Let's Talk About Your Project