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OBS Limited Brings You the Best Loft Conversion in Brentford

Many companies would tout their trumpets when loft conversions would be the subject of discussion, but OBS is by far the best loft conversion specialist in Brentford. We are leading experts in the field, and our team of professional construction workers is the best at what they do. Our employees take their jobs seriously and bring about luxurious and picture-perfect loft conversions Brentford that one can be proud of. Moreover, our loft conversions are cost-effective and budget-friendly. So if you are interested in getting a loft conversion that does not hurt your pocket but looks like a million bucks, then you have come to the right place.

Benefits Of a Loft Conversions in Brentford

There are many obvious benefits that loft extensions in Brentford can provide. For starters, a loft conversion is an exceptionally cost-effective way to increase space in your household. Whether the area is used for a home office, a lounge of sorts or an extra bedroom, a loft conversion is the most convenient way to achieve that. Shed notions of extending your basement and thinking about getting a loft conversion instead.

Let's Talk About Your Project

Let's Talk About Your Project

Other than space, a loft conversion Brentford is a great way to increase the value of your property. You can greatly lift your property’s price with a beautiful and luxurious loft conversion. Loft conversions don’t take as much time as other construction alternatives and are thus manageable at all levels. With a few or extensive modifications to your loft, you can have all the space you need to be productive or casual. It all depends on how you see fit.

Types of Loft Conversion in Brentford, We Provide

There are generally three kinds of loft conversions:

  • The minimalistic internal loft conversion
  • The mid-tier Dormer loft conversion
  • The more complex complete removal and rebuild conversion.

All three have their advantages and factors to consider.

  • The Minimalistic Internal Loft Conversion

With a little modification to your roof, you can have a greater light intensity in your loft. This type of loft conversions in Brentford is great if your attic is of adequate size, but lighting is a major issue. With windows fitted in the roof structure, you will get a greater feel of the outdoors and the skyline as you enjoy spending time in your loft. As with other minimalistic designs and works, this type of conversion costs the least amount.

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  • The Middle-tier Dormer Loft Conversion

The dormer loft conversion is costlier than the internal loft conversion as it involves some structural changes to the roof, which is not the case for an internal loft conversion. In this conversion, a roof section is modified by creating a protruding structure to it, either in the front of the roof or on the sides. This conversion is suitable for those lofts where some headspace is required, as certain lofts do not provide adequate headspace to work or stay in.

  • The Roof Removal and Rebuilding Loft Conversion

The costliest of all conversions is the complete overhauling of the roof, i.e. the roof removal and rebuilding. Half of the entire roof is levelled off in this conversion, or the loft is fully converted to a room space by complete roof removal. The full rebuild is the costliest due to roof structure modification. This conversion is necessary for extravagant planning on the ground and head space that will be provided to the loft. The entire feel of a loft is removed from the house structure, and the attic is transformed into a full-fledged room.

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Affordable Loft Conversion Cost in Brentford

Even if you have a tight budget, wish to get the best loft conversion possible, or are intrigued by a full roof removal and rebuild, then rest assured that our team will make anything possible in a reasonable time frame and at an affordable cost. Do not fret about construction costs, labour laws, or hefty permission fees. We handle everything at our end and give you a decent quote that you can get by. We also have 24/7 customer care support available to cater to all your needs and queries. So dial us now and get yourself the dream loft conversions in Brentford you want.