Our heating engineers have been providing central heating repairs and servicing since 1993 to numerous homes in West London, Middlesex.

Central heating systems can develop problems but 99% of the time can be repaired without needing a completely new system. If you definitely do need a new heating system then please see our central heating installations page. Or if you need Central heating repair London services, contact us.

Many of our new customers have been referred to us by existing customers who have experienced the efficiency of our heating engineers to repair their central heating problems. we are one of the best companies for heating repair in London.

Let's Talk About Your Project

Let's Talk About Your Project

Assessing your central heating problems

First of all, it’s important to identify where in the heating system the problem exists. In the first instance we encourage you to contact us to describe the problem you’re having and to get heating repair in London. Often, it can actually be a boiler problem.

If the problem sounds like it can be fixed by something simple, that you can do yourself then we’ll advise you of that on the phone or by email – at no cost to you.

If the central heating problem appears to need additional expertise, then we will offer our plumbing services to you. Nine times out of ten we can identify the central heating problem by phone or email and can provide a quotation before you commit to us coming to help you.

Typical problems with central heating systems include:

Financial Assistance

In some circumstances, it may benefit you more to consider a complete central heating system replacement instead of Central heating repair London services. The good news is that you may find that a good proportion of the costs of a completely new central heating system can be covered by the Warm Front grant scheme, depending on whether you fit within the eligibility criteria. Please see our page about warm front grants.

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Central heating repair testimonials

We are Gas Safe registered heating engineers and our ongoing success relies mainly on positive word of mouth from happy customers to new potential customers. We have included just a few testimonials below to show you what our customers say about our central heating repair and maintenance service.

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