Gas Leakage Detection in London
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Gas Leak Detection is the process of detecting potentially risky gas leaks in buildings with the help of sensors. These sensors activate an audible alarm to indicate people during an emergency situation.

This is necessary as it helps to save people from the consequences of harmful gases and stay safe and healthy.

Domestic Gas Leakage

You will know there is a gas leak in your house if you find the following:

1. If you smell of rotten eggs near the gas pipeline

2. If the house smells like that there are dead houseplants

And, the next thing is, you will need to contact us so that our professionals to handle this situation and free your building of any kind of damages.

Gas Leakage Detection in London

Restaurant Gas Leakage

Restaurants generally use pipelines to generate adequate heatin their kitchen. In the case of gas leakage, you should immediately call us so that we can send in the required service personnel to take care of this emergency situation andtake control of the fire. This will ensure that there is no further damage to a worse consequence.

Takeaway Gas Leakage

Commercial Gas Leakage

If you detect a gas leakage in your commercial or industrial building, then you ought to open all doors and windows for proper ventilation and let clean air get inside the building and the stale air to go out.

However, if there is not enough ventilation route, you need to immediately call for professional help. We at OBS Facilities offer you services and ensure that you are safe during a gas leakage.

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