Loft Conversion Packages

Do you know that a loft conversion can add 10% to the value of your property? So, financially it is a great investment but not necessarily suitable for everyone. So, we are here to help you.

Our company is providing loft conversion and rear dormer elevation service in West London and adjacent cities such as Ealing, Hanwell, Harrow, Kingston, Wembley, and Middlesex.

If you are interested in making your property more functionally useful and valuable, we recommend you to opt for our free consultation service. We will take a thorough survey at your home and identify which portion is suitable for a loft conversion or whether it is possible at all. We do not charge a penny for the initial discussion.

Loft Conversion Packages

Things We Take Under Consideration for Loft Conversion

  • Understand the space: We give you a clear idea of what to expect after the loft is converted. We take the proper measurement of the space so you can fit right in the loft once it is transformed.
  • Approval from the Department: Any sort of home space conversion or extension requires permission. We make sure you have all the paperwork and legal documents ready before the work starts.
  • The Lighting: Proper lighting is necessary to have a healthy environment inside a loft. By our thorough survey, we ensure your roof has enough space to accommodate a window or two.
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