Boiler and heating installation packages

We are in the business since 1993 and our expert boiler engineers have been providing consistent boiler repair services in West London and adjacent areas including Harrow, Ealing, Hanwell, Kingston, Wembley, and Middlesex.

A boiler breakdown can be frustrating as so much is dependent on the boiler system working. Sometimes, the boiler just need a little bit servicing and repair and it is good to go but if the damage is high then system replacement is required. We suggest you drop us a line so we can assess whether it needs installation or servicing.

In case of any dilemma, you can simply talk to our existing customers and get referred to us by them. We guarantee the best work.

To know, when a mere servicing will suffice your boiler system, visit our boiler servicing and boiler repair pages.

Let's Talk About Your Project

Let's Talk About Your Project

Is New Boiler Installation Really Needed?

If the damage is irreversible and we somehow assume that you definitely need a new boiler system, then an appointment can be made at your convenience. We will make a thorough survey and depending on your requirements, we will replace your old boiler with an A-rated combination or an A-rated system boiler, which will save on your energy bills to a large extent.

Remember, we do not charge for a simple consultation, so feel free to talk to us about your needs.

Wide Range of Varieties to Choose From

We will install the type of boiler that perfectly suits you and matches your requirements. Below is the range of boiler manufacturers we choose from or let you choose from.

Financial Assistance

You might be eligible for a Warm Front grant to fund all your boiler installation costs. To know more visit our warm front grants page.

Boiler Installation Process

Let's Talk About Your Project

We Guarantee Our Work

All our boiler installations are guaranteed for two to six years depending on some factors such as the quality, brand, etc. But, most of our customers have six years guarantee as we ensure yearly service reminder to all our customers and it has been seen that the boilers which have gone through yearly servicing, simply outlast a boiler that is not maintained properly.

Let's Talk About Your Project